Sometimes in life you begin a journey only to find out later, you must choose a fork in the road. A few years ago, this blog was conceived to be the vision of what a ballerina life is like…from three vantage points. Mine as the mother, chauffeur, laundress, make-up artist, seamstress (oh, who am I kidding…my mom is the seamstress), hair dresser, caterer, and many other jobs I hold as the parent of two extremely busy dancer girls. It was also to have the vision of Veronica (now 17) and how her epiphany (her word, not mine) thrust her into a new chosen future, and Isabella’s voice (now 14), of being that of someone who has never wavered in her goal of being the best.

But, you know what they say…the best laid plans! Isabella, my daughter who has wanted to be a prima since she was three (THREE), informed me she wanted to quit dance. “It’s just not my thing anymore,” she said. “I want to run track,” she said. What! The! H.E.Double.Hockey.Sticks are you talking about? You’re a dancer. A beautiful, talented dancer. But, she had none of it. She didn’t even want to finish out the recital year. And probably one of my biggest regrets is that I should have made her finish the year since dancers and teachers were relying on her, but, I’ve since learned, that sometimes getting out is the best thing you can do…but, that’s a whole different story. Plus, since I didn’t make her stay and I can’t go back, you live and learn. So much for Bella’s voice, right?

Veronica has taken on so much responsibility with academics, dancing, and teaching dance, she just doesn’t have time to blog. But, from time to time, she will be putting in her two cents (or even a dollar). She has LOTS of opinions and is not afraid to use (I mean share) them. So when she’s not completely inundated with her schedule, be ready to hear what she has to say as the girl who wants to become a professional ballerina.

I guess that means you are stuck with me and The Ballerina Life 2.0. It will be different now. It will be more…me, I guess. No, I will NOT be putting on a tutu and dancing en pointe to Giselle. And trust me…you should be very happy about that. It would NOT be pretty. Instead, you will occasionally get my snark, definitely my moodiness, hear of the trials and tribulations of being a dance mom (not one of THOSE dance mom’s, but a relatively sane and logical one), and definitely hear about Miss V.

I will also share short stories of dance (are they true or completely made up? I’ll never tell). I will even throw in some valuable (surely to someone) information about organization, preparing for that summer intensive audition, how to put up a perfect bun (okay, maybe not that one), but I promise to put a little something in here for everyone. And please…leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

I hope you will join me on this ride…I just know it’s going to be a fun one.


11 Responses to "About"

What a neat blog. I will really enjoy following it. You are such an interesting writer.

Great blog. I will really enjoy following it!

Great blog! I love ballet too and look forward to reading more of your posts!

Thank you so much! There will be more blogs and more interviews in the next couple of weeks!

updates since Feb? I have enjoyed reading your accounts and hope you won’t leave us hanging. 🙂

I have been a complete sloth since the last post. I promise to not leave you hanging much longer. I’m working on the next chapters. The next few chapters will show you why I was so emotionally drained…and it happened to Veronica, not me! Thanks for hanging in there with me. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

I couldn’t find a way to contact you privately. I wanted to ask you if you would like to review my children’s book: Ballerina Birdies. If your interested, I can send email a PDF version of the book to you. Let me know!

I would be honored to review your book. While I’ve been a sloth in writing the past few months, I feel that I’m ready to be back with a vengeance. My life revolves around ballet with Veronica, and I enjoy reading other people’s works. Feel free to send it away!

Aloha, I wanted to contact you privately about this but don’t see a way to do that. Would you be interested in writing a review for my book: Ballerina Birdies?! If your interested I can have my publisher send you a PDF of the book. Thanks so much!

Looking forward to learning from your journey. Thanks for sharing.

I hope you enjoy, Karol! While I slack often, I’m trying to build a ballet brand that helps mom’s like me and shares a love for this thing called ballet!

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